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Choosing a Headstone

Choosing a headstone - our Catalogue, stone material, shape & colour

We supply a catalouge to help you take some early decisions - or even choose a headstone. But remember, that our stone may be cut to any shape or design, so if you have something in mind, or have seen something that you like, just talk to us. Any stone that you see in the catalogue can also be supplied in a choice of materials, so think about where the stone will be and whether there are any regulations regarding material (E.g. some churchyards stipulate only local York sandstone) or whether you have preferences.
GRANITE is the most popular city cemetery choice, as it's hard-wearing, resistant to weathering and comes in a range of hues from black and grey through to pinks, blues, reds and greens. Granite is a natural material that is mined in several areas of the world and different colours occur with different geography - for instance Norwegian Blue and Indian Reds, Greens and Blacks. Our granite is sourced directly from the mines and you will know exxactly where it comes from. Granite may be cut to any shape and lends itself to embellishment such as laser art photos or motifs and carved statuary. The type of lettering will vary according to the colour of the stone and what will best contrast and can be gold or silver leaf or enamel black, white or any colour of choice.
MARBLE is the traditional white to grey grained material of head-stones and being softer than granite is normally lettered with lead filled letters in black. Marble does weather and can become stained by lichen and eventually pitted by acid rains, so does need regular care, cleaning and attention but is a beautiful and traditional material that may be ornately cut to any desired design or shape.
YORK STONE, or sandstone is the golden hued soft stone that you will see in many Bradford buildings. This is a stone that weathers into the landscape, becoming greened and prone to lichen. Many people love the weathered look and it does fit very well within old churchyards and of course within your own garden as any shape may be cut. Plus stone chosen for a cemtery can be regularly maintained and cleaned. Our lettering for this material is hand-cut in the traditional way and we will advise on colour choices for the best contrast.
SLATE is a soft blue-grey-green stone - normally hand-lettered and popular in areas of teh country where slate mining or an association with slate resonates with the family.

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