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Costs and Payment

Once the necessary Council third party rights costs are in place, the only remaining cost is that of the headstone itself. Our costs range from £185 for free-standing lettered granite heart-shaped flower containers (16") right through the smaller cremation plot stones and up to full kerbset and ornate carved headstone. Prices throughout our range our competitive and very fair and with no 'middle-men' and all teh work carried out under one roof, we know how pleasantly surprised our families are to find what value for money is on offer. For example, our entry level full size black granite head-stone, fully lettered with unlimited lettering and fixed on a base with an integral flower container is just £799 complete.
We request a deposit of approximately 50% of the total cost, with the remainder payable once the work is completed. We accept cash, bank transfer or debit card payment, and cheque if no other method is available to you..

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