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Cremation Urns, Caskets & Keepsakes

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Following Cremation, there are many careful decisions to make and it's important to take your time and wait until the time feels right for you as a family. But gone are the days when great-great grandma's ashes were kept in the back of the wardrobe and today there are many thoughtful and beautiful products that help you and your family to feel close to a precious loved one as you continue to share the memories together.
Some families opt to scatter the cremated remains or inter them in a plot either within a city cemetery or a woodland ground so that there is a family place to go where a special life may be marked for all generations to remember. We are well placed, through our sister company, Kane Family Funerals to assist with those choices, from selecting your plot or scattering place, to helping to lead your ceremony if you so desire. But everyone is different and some members of the family may find it hard to let go in this way and might opt to retain a very small portion of the cremated remains as their way of keeping a loved one close in their lives.

Urns and Caskets

Our showroom displays a range of wood veneer and solid wood caskets, suitable for interment as well as beautifully crafted keeping boxes, ornate metal urns and memory boxes which also display a treasured photograph. We also supply nameplates.


Keepsakes are for smaller portions of remains and are designed to blend into a home environment as an ornament or beautiful shape - some are small enough to hold in the palm of a hand and others are larger and more architectural - many reflecting light and what goes on within the family environment.

Scatter Tubes

In addition we supply colourful scatter tubes that depict landscape, seascape or skyscape scenes or aspects of a favourite hobby and mini keepsake copy tubes are available should you wish to retain a small portion of the remains.

Professional Scatterer

Or should you choose a particular challenging environment such as coast or a windy mountainside, we have a professional copper scattering can available for hire and to ensure that the remains are well scattered.

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