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Grave Accessories and Repairs

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Sometimes it's just a time of year when you can't afford the large gestures but you want to buy something meaningful to take to the grave of a loved one to mark the milestone, season or anniversary.
We display a range of affordable flower vases on spikes - some with photo holders (and we can resize and repair the photo for you). Plus we have small resin tokens for graves as well as concrete plaques, hearts, candles and book type tributes.
We will supply ceramic photo plaques either for your headstone or separate to place on a grave and we stock marker crosses and marker posts and will supply replacement plates for these when required.
Every need is important and a tribute to a loved one - and no job is too small.


If your existing headstone is listing, your leaded lettering has lost some lead, you require an additional line of lettering, or a name to be added, or your existing headstone needs a professional clean or any other small works, please don't hesitate to ask. We regularly carry out these important maintenance tasks both at the graveside where possible and via removal and replacement of the stone where the work requires this step.

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