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Memorial Jewellery & Artefacts

Jewellery and bespoke artefacts are intimate and special and our memorial jewellery comes in many designs and types to hold private meaning as well as be an item that attracts admiration.

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Types of Memorial Jewellery


Commemorative jewellery pays tribute to a loved one by holding their photo, a lock of their hair or small items that poignantly remind us of them. Lockets fall into this category, as well as Treasure Lockets which hold tiny crafted metallic objects (as well as hair, scraps of hand-writinfg etc) to make up 'secret treasure' that reminds us of quirks, likes, hobbies, achievements etc.

Urn Jewellery

Urn jewellery designed to hold a tiny sprinkle of cremated remains or scared soil from a grave - or a tiny fragment of hair. A specially designed and sealable funnel within the jewllery holds the commemorative item. This beautifully crafted jewllery comes in affordable stainless steel (approximately £40 per piece), or in Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum.

For both woman and men, this range includes key rings and small items that are carried rather than worn.

Fingerprint Jewellery

At our sister company, Kane Family Funerals, we always ask if our bereaved families would like a fingerprint image to be taken - so this is relevant only if you already have a fingerprint image of your loved one. The image is embedded onto the surface of the jewellery which can be commemorative (non-ash holding) or urn-type (with a chamber to hold ash, sacred soil or hair.

Just Because

We also stock a range of everyday pretty beaded jewellery, bag charms etc that are decorated with butterflies, angels or items that would hold a special meaning for the wearer.

Specialist Artefacts - Glass and Diamonds

Cremated remains may also be incorporated into glass or even into diamonds and we are able to obtain quotations from our suppliers for these services if something very besopke and specialist appeals to you.

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