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A picture tells a thousand words

A picture tells a thousand words

Your headstone design needn't stop at the lettering. There are many design features that may be included to complement what is said and to express something very personal about a loved one's legacy.
Embellishments may be carved into the stone at the top, side or base of the lettering to complement the words, round them off, underline the meaning or celebrate the legacy of a loved one's life. For instance an angel or cross may be carved and filled in with the same medium as the lettering - or a rose, or a love-heart, butterfly or other shape. An image to depict a skill or hobby may be carved - such as a fisherman or race-horse. The possibilities are endless. Recent hand-carved embellishment included a set of robins across teh base - metallic painted by Bill in their natural bird colours and looking simply stunning against a granite black, gold-leaf lettered head-stone.
Laser art may be incorporated into the stone itself (looks like a monochrome etching) and this may include something as elaborate as a Last Supper image or may be as personal as a photo of your loved one. Again the choice of image is entirely yours.
Ceramic colour photos may be added - on a ceramic base and bonded to the stone. The art work is carried out in house at our own studio and minitaure ceramic keepsake copies may also be purchased.
Examples are available in our Show room.

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