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Size Matters

Size is less about making a statement and more about being in keeping with both cemetery regulations and the proportions of the plot. In all cases we will advise. Stones for Cremation Plots are subject to height and width regulations within cemteries, as are head-stones - and some areas of cemeteries allow only flat tablet type stones for Cremation plots, so do take a look at what is already close by to your grave plot. You will also wish to consider whether to have your stone on a base with perhaps an inclusive flower container in a matching material, or whether you wish to have a full or half kerb set surround that marks out the perimeter of the plot in the same material as the headstone. Kerbsets allow you to fill the plot area with glass or stone chippings in a colour of your choice, to keep the plot neat and allow you to display smaller tribute items within teh area. The kerbset also protects the stone from knocks when cemetery maintenance occurs. Please be aware that most metropolitan council charge an additional memorial Right cost for kerbsets within their cemteries - and this has to be factored in.

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