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Sympathy and Memory Gifts

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Often there aren't the words - especially for those difficult anniversaries, that first Christmas ... It's tempting to just buy a general gift as if everything were the same. But it isn't - and sometimes the most thoughful gift is one that shows that you do remember.
We've tried to stock gifts that can be given when someone passes away - and also to show that you care and remember and know that sensitive times lie ahead : gifts such as pretty vases to hold a few tribute flowers; photo frames to make a special memory; memory catchers that hold all thsoe nostalgic tickets, postcards, napkins and scraps that take us back to a special moment; paperweights just to keep on special papers; keepsake photo boxes; crystal tea-light holders; memory boxes complete with paint, stickers, ribbon and glue for children to personalise; crystal angels beaded with a special name or relationship - and more.
Plus we have a range of hand-crafted cards - blank for your own thoughful message - and for all occasions.
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